PAG – Pre-Authorized Giving

Pre-Authorized Giving Program for Regular Givings

Windermere Valley Shared Ministry maintains a pre-authorized giving program for regular giving to the parish/pastoral charge.

The program, made possible through an arrangement with the Diocese of Kootenay, allows all members/parishioners who so choose to have their regular financial contributions to WVSM, as well as regular designated donations, automatically debited from their bank account.

When you sign up for the pre-authorized payment program, the Diocese will debit your bank account on or about the 10thday of each month in the amount specified by you. The Diocese will then transfer all funds received to the WVSM general operating account.

There are many advantages to this program. For members/parishioners, the program allows you to make regular contributions in the amount you choose, there will be fewer cheques to write and your regular donations will continue to support the parish if you are away. For WVSM, advantages include a more regular flow of contributions to support monthly expenses and reduced administrative work and associated costs.

Those who sign up with the program will no longer be issued weekly envelopes; however, single envelopes will be made available for any special offerings.

Signing up for the program is easy – simply complete a PRE-AUTHORIZED GIVING AUTHORIZATION FORM, include a void cheque, and place it in the offering plate at a weekly service or submit it to the church office at Christ Church Trinity.

Once you have signed up for the program, if you wish to alter the amount or designation of pre-authorized payments, this may be done at any time by completing another “Pre-Authorized Giving Authorization Form”, and submitting it in the same manner.

The benefits of this program are:

– Convenience. Your offering is received automatically every month.
– Continual support of the church when you are away.
– Continual support of ministries and programs.
– Changes may be made at any time with written notification.
– Decreased environmental impact by reduced envelope use.

lf you have any questions about this program, please contact us.