Christ Church Trinity

To be followers of Jesus, with a commitment to
an inward journey of deepening our relationship with God, and
an outward journey of Mission and Service.

Sunday, December 3rd
The service starts at 10:30 am MST.
Hi Friends:
1. Valley Voices Choir is singing in our service.
I’m grateful for Tess, Judy and Wendy organizing the lunch after, and for all of you who are bringing soup and desserts. It’s lovely to provide hospitality and have a nice community time. 
Do attend in person if you can and invite someone you think will enjoy the choir and may not attend the concerts next weekend.

Here is the link for those of you joining online…

Meeting ID: 857 8489 4980              Passcode: 402677

2. Remember the Celtic Christmas Musical Concert evening on Sunday evening, Dec. 17th at 7:00 pm. It would be nice to have some hospitality after this concert too. Please let me know if you can be an organizer or bring something. 

3. I’d like to do a book study on Brian McLaren’s book “Do I Stay Christian?” in the new year. A commentary on the book says “Any thoughtful Christian has been asking the questions McLaren tackles here, but many of us are afraid to voice them aloud. In Do I Stay Christian? we’re gifted a gentle guide who opens ideas and voices the questions we cannot, naming our frustration, fear, and hesitant hope.”
Please let me know if you would like me to order you a book – they’ll be under $25.00.
4. If you can pick up about 30 poinsettias from Groundswell Gardens on Christmas Eve morning and bring them to the church, please let me know.
5. Please keep a lookout for an apartment or home that the Nwfor family could rent.
It’s a nice time of year,
The Celtic Christmas Concert
Sunday, December 17th at 7:00 pm.
A nice opportunity to be together and have a rich evening of music.

“Fridays with Eckhart”
We start again… Fridays
10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. MT
Online: Please contact   Brent to request a link to join.
Anyone can join!

The WVSM Congregation is undertaking the process set out by Affirm United to become an Affirming Congregation.

Steps to becoming an Affirming Congregation

Last Sunday the “Affirming Steering Committee” made their first presentation on what it means for us to become an affirming pastoral charge (along with Golden). We watched a short and informative video. If you would like to see the video, here is the link…