As you know, due to COVID-19, the WVSM services have been postponed for the foreseeable future.
Rev. Brent Woodard has planned ‘zoom’ services for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.  He has sent an invitation for tomorrow’s Palm Sunday service and next week will send an invitation for the Easter Sunday service. 
If you have not received an invitation but wish to join the ‘zoom’ service please send a message to and Bendina will be pleased to forward Brent’s invitation to you. 
Blessings to you all!

In Preparation for Holy Week

Dear Friends of the Windermere Valley Shared Ministry:
      Please find attached material that Marla has prepared for us that will give us something to, in the least, remember the wonderful tradition that Marla and her family have made happen in the church for a number of years or, perhaps more, reenact in some degree by reading what she has written and by making some of the dishes that have been a part of this special meal.
     Maundy Thursday remembers the last night Jesus spent with the disciples. The three synoptic gospels say that night was the night of the Jewish Seder meal which began the Jewish festival of Passover. The Seder meal is a ritual meal that re-tells the story of the liberation of the Jewish people out of slavery to freedom by the will and power of the Divine. Jesus may have re-purposed the symbols of the meal to highlight the liberation he wanted people to experience from all that holds them in bondage. This is what we now reenact when we have communion. 
     Also on this Thursday night, the last night of Jesus’ life, he washed the feet of the disciples. This was his way of showing how people who live in God’s way are to care for each other.
    My experience with this evening at our church is that it was a fabulous night of generosity, hospitality and abundance. It felt warm and deeply satisfying. I’m sorry we can’t have this tradition again this year, but I am glad Marla has given us a way to remember it and keep the warmth alive. 
     Please enjoy what she has written and let us know how any of your creations turn out should you try to follow one of her recipes. 
              Peace, Brent 
PS  Marla has let us know that if you aren’t able to purchase a whole chicken then chicken thighs or drumsticks will work.


Happening at WVSM:

Our Shared Ministry ~ Anglican & United
All Saints, Edgewater ~ Christ Church Trinity, Invermere ~ St. Peter’s, Windermere


Due to COVID-19 restrictions
worship in our sanctuary is suspended
and our building is closed
until further notice

Keep Safe, Be Well

Dear friends of the Windermere Valley Shared Ministry:
     Please find attached a letter from Bishop Lynne, from the Diocese of Kootenay, suspending all public worship and all gatherings in our church buildings until at least the end of April. 
    So, our initial cancelling of Sunday services for two weeks has now been officially extended to six or seven weeks. 
     I believe I will begin my tenure as the minister (part-time) of the pastoral charge at the beginning of April. I’ve never served such an empty church! I will try to communicate with you using emails, maybe video, and on the phone. I guess I’ll do things I’ve never done before. Maybe we’ll have fun “together,” trying new things. 
     Sebastian is going to send out worship material via email, for the next two weeks. We appreciate his thoughtfulness and kind heart in wanting all of us to stay connected and have spiritual material to read. 
      Thank you for being a part of this church and for seeing the church through, through thick or thin. For some reason I want to say, it’s not quantity that matters, but quality. May the right word come, at the right time and in the right way, to help us on our journey, and to help us help others on the Way. 
Peace and Presence to us all, Brent

Characteristics of a Successful Ecumenical Shared Ministry — Dr. Laura’s dissertation is available for signing out if you are interested in reading it. A sign-up sheet is on the easel in the Narthex.

BROADVIEW – subscriptions for 2019/2020 are coming due. If you would like to continue to receive your subscription, please mark yes on the sign-up sheet and put $25.00 in an envelope or via cheque and submit to the office. If you would like to be a new subscriber, please put your name on the list and for your privacy, and include your name and mailing address in an envelope with your subscription fee. Only pre-paid subscribers will continue to receive their subscriptions. 

Project: Prayer Care

A project in which you will have an individual who will include you in their daily prayers. It is a “secret” prayer partner.    Prayer is a part of our day.  A good synonym I learned years ago was that … Continue reading

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Christ Church Trinity

Sunday Worship at Christ Church Trinity every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Services at All Saints are on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.

Services are available at St. Peter’s in Windermere on the second Sunday of the month at 7:00 p.m.
from June to October, and Christmas Eve.


Instead of teaching us how to do more (time management), God calls each of us to do less, and consequently, to receive peace and rest with God (time stewardship). Reversing time-warped living is about restoring our relationship with the Time Giver …  By doing less; we can have more of God.