Christ Church Trinity

To be followers of Jesus, with a commitment to
an inward journey of deepening our relationship with God and
an outward journey of Mission and Service.


Sunday, June 23, 2024
Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

Sunday Worship — 10:30 am MDT
Meeting ID: 853 7957 5399      Passcode: 995765
Hello Church Friends:
A regular service will happen this Sunday, starting at 10:30 am MDT.
Next Sunday, we’ll have communion as part of our 10:30 service.
Next Sunday will be our last regular service before the summer schedule. During July and August there won’t be in-person services, except on Sunday July 28th, when we’ll have a 9:30 am service in Golden, a 1:00 pm service in Edgewater and a 7:00 pm service in Windermere. For the other Sunday’s in the summer, we’ll send out some optional links to other services that you can choose to connect to online. 
I think this is the last week of school locally. Summer holidays are about to begin!
     Hope you are enjoying the sun, blue sky and warmth. 

The Affirming Ministry Steering Committee has completed the initial three congregational sessions that introduce the process and provide information and education about what it can mean to be an Affirming Ministry. Here are the links if you would like to listen to or review them.
Session #1,  Session #2, and  Session # 3.