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Strengthening and deepening our community – We have a rich history – approximately 50 years of shared ministry to celebrate and invite people into…

*   Building on the already strong shared ministry work, move from a welcoming community to an inviting community – some examples are:

  • Opportunities to get together: Host events at church and not, such as hosting arts and/or music events, consider fresh expressions of church such as Jazz Vespers, Messy Church, Painting with the priest, Theology on Tap, spaghetti dinners. 
    Other ideas?

  • What should we let go of: We are feeling tired and burnt out. There are many things that we currently do that we can reprioritize and maybe eliminate: Council will look at this over the coming weeks to ensure we are using our resources wisely. 
    Comments, other ideas?

  • Engage members: Pastoral and other visits, maintain our connectedness, reach out to members not attending, driving seniors. We are considering initiating a Pastoral Care Team – this would include training and support for this team of members, volunteers. 
    Comments, other ideas:


Serving our WVSM community and beyond – we serve our greater community and region

*   Integration of our plans with our Windermere Valley Community plans

  • Hosting events for community: ex Spirit Jam, Walking as worship, making a labyrinth inside the church. 
    Other ideas, comments:

*   Building relationships with community outreach and regional support

  • Consider financial support for Food bank, Summit Youth Program, Hospice, Schools, (ICAN) Invermere Companion Animal Network, Men’s Center, Regional faith-based communities
    Other ideas, comments:


Supporting the ministry with infrastructure – Some items that are required to carry out our ministry fully:

*   Reserve fund replenishment – ($20,000) Comments, other ideas:


*   Media – Sound system and projector: Comments, other ideas:


*   All Saints – Ventilation & pulpit upgrades: Comments, other ideas:


Funding formula – Some elements of our plans will cost financial resources; a fair split of financial resources is sought.

*   The committee has considered many options for supporting the 3 levels of church – United Church, Anglican Diocese and congregational level. For every dollar raised, we are proposing 50% is used in the congregations for ministry and mission work, 25% for United Church support (right now we are considering the use be local outreach) and 25% for the Anglican Diocese Together in Mission initiatives – which include the National Church. This is a 50% / 25% / 25% split (after expenses)

Comments, other ideas:


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Please write any other thoughts or suggestions about WVSM plans or next steps.


Survey about WVSM Visioning/Planning

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Strengthening and deepening our community





Serving our WVSM community and beyond





Supporting the ministry with infrastructure





Funding formula: 50%/25%/25%






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The Windermere Valley Shared Ministry
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