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Sunday Services

The Sunday Morning Situation…
Our 10:30 am MT Sunday service is a “hybrid.” That is, you can come in-person to the church in Invermere, and/or you can join us online using the Zoom link. To connect online, please note the link which is available on this website. Probably, for some time, most people will participate on Sunday mornings online, but if you feel comfortable, you are most welcome to attend in person.

Recorded Services… can be accessed by this link

Financially supporting the church.
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Pre-Authorized Payment Program

Pre-Authorized Payment Program for Regular Giving For the Parish of Windermere Valley Shared Ministry Windermere Valley Shared Ministry maintains a pre-authorized payment program for regular giving to the parish/pastoral charge.  This program, made possible through an arrangement with the Diocese … Continue reading

The Stolen Church

One of the most famous historical landmarks in the valley is St Peter’s Church in Windermere, known far and wide as the Stolen Church. Its history goes back to the 1880s ghost town of Donald, northwest of Golden. The church … Continue reading