Tomorrow’s Christians Study

7:00-9:00 Wednesday evenings from November 7th – December 12th.

Tomorrow’s Anglicans is an engaging and entertaining look at the Church — where we’ve come from, what we’re facing today, and where we’re headed. In a fast-paced sweep across more than a thousand years, you’ll meet people from Festus Aviolus, a crusty Roman slave, to the Primate who will be elected at the General Synod of 2046. But it’s not all whimsy. The programs also include interviews with Christians and religious visionaries across the country who examine the challenges faced by the church as Canada lives into a new millennium.
What is working? What needs changing? Where is our faith strong? Where are we being called? These four programs were originally broadcast on VISION-TV and have helped many Christians examine their future as the church.

Included is the Commercial Series, “There’s room for you, too.”