EfM – Education for Ministry

The EfM program is preparation for the ministry to which we all are called. This group meets Thursday evenings in Christ Church Trinity in Invermere. The study year typically begins in late August/early September and 4th year students ‘graduate’ in May.

One of the greatest theological insights of the past two decades by most denominations of the Christian Church is that every baptised person is called to the ministry of the whole people of God. The EfM programme provides people with the education and training they need to carry out that ministry by offering an opportunity to discover how to respond to the call of Christian service.

EfM holds before it an image of the church empowered by an active, theologically literate laity. This vision sees a partnership between the ordained and the laity as they work side by side to bring about God’s kingdom here on earth. We study the Old and New Testaments, church history, liturgy and theology one year at a time over a four year curriculum designed and administered by the School of Theology at the University of the South in Sewanee, TN.

While time is hard to define, our group spends time praying together, participating in a guided theological reflection process, discussing the week’s texts and reading assignments, and enjoying various forms of worship as well as the fellowship, support, prayers, and shared wisdom that this close knit group offers its members.

Our group is open to anyone seeking a deeper knowledge and understanding of Christian history and contemporary theological thought. Please talk to Rev. Laura if you are interested in exploring this spiritually challenging and fulfilling ministry.

See also: EfM Canada for more information regarding this exciting program.

“While the course materials provide substantial academic content, the focus of the programme is on life as ministry and understanding that ministry. EFM provides Christians with that basic skill which is the foundation of all Christian ministry; theological reflection. In doing this, participants sharpen their personal and cultural assessment skills and enhance their ability to be effective in a variety of ministry opportunities.”