Project: Prayer Care

A project in which you will have an individual who will include you in their daily prayers. It is a “secret” prayer partner. 
Prayer is a part of our day.  A good synonym I learned years ago was that PRAY stands for PRAISE, REPENT, ASK and YIELD…… and to let prayer flow in that order.
This is simple to do, optional and open to all.  It’s comforting to know that someone will have you in their prayers every day.  It is the ‘ASK’ part of prayer and then Yielding to God.
Fill in as much information as you are comfortable with.  Give it to me and I will collect them for two weeks and then we will pick names.  I will bring a big box labelled Prayer Care Project to church for the next few weeks.  I will not look at your information but if you wish, I would take note of who participates and keep your prayer partner confidential.  (In doing this before, I know some folks have forgotten the names of their partners and needed someone to ask.) If you are not able to be at church to pick your Prayer Care Partner, I can do it for you and get the information to you.
Your obligation is simply to keep this person as part of your daily prayers. You may also send notes and cards anonymously, too.  Nothing else.  Notes of encouragement and cards could be given to the church greeter to deliver.  Let us know if you need a mailbox of our own at the church entrance.
If you would like to participate, fill out the following form as much as you are comfortable.  You can bring this form to church OR email it back to me at
My Name ______________________________________________________
My Birthday (Optional) ___________________________________________
My Favourite Bible Verse (Optional) _________________________________
My Favourite Hymn (Optional) _____________________________________
I would appreciate your time in helping to PRAY for the following (ie health, family …) Again, this section is optional
Let’s REVEAL who we picked and celebrate a year from now with a small potluck after church and do it again for another year!
Thank you!  I hope this small activity brings you caring and comfort!
Your friend in Christ …..
     Sharlene Schofield and the Community Care Committee

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