Together in Mission

Officially closed November 17th, 2019. 
It is hoped that most folks will have fulfilled their pledges.  Your gracious generosity and support are sincerely appreciated.

          ~ Who are we?

BLENDED: We are a blended Anglican and United congregation sharing a minister and our weekly worship traditions. We attend three churches: All Saints, Edgewater, Christ Church Trinity, Invermere, and local historical treasure St. Peter’s, Windermere. We regularly share Christ Church Trinity with a Lutheran Congregation and with other faith groups on occasion.

WELCOMING TO THE ARTS: We serve as home base for Valley Voices, a large community choir, as well as a venue for CV Arts performances, school concerts, and other arts events. We host two community-based music teachers and offer access to two grand pianos.

CARING: We take a wide interest in charitable activities around the valley, welcoming and providing meeting space for non-profit community groups such as the Go-Go Sisters, Cancer Society and the Christmas Bureau. We also support outreach that sustains a Nicaraguan charity serving a community of some of the world’s poorest people.

PERSISTENT: Our 50 years of shared ministry has allowed us to grow and build community in so many ways! We are continually learning how to stitch all these elements invitingly together in a practical and beautiful patchwork quilt that warms our region.

Funds raised during the TiM campaign will bring us together as Community in Faith
with more energy than we can imagine!

 Willa Love & Bendina Miller are our TiM co-chairs.

Blessings to all,

      Bennie and Willa



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